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we build highly polished, cross-platform user experiences with React and React Native.

React Development Services

React totally changed the way we build web and mobile applications. We shipped our first React project to production back in 2014 and we've been hooked ever since. It's a transformative technology that enables stunning, rich user interfaces in a fraction of the time and cost of competing solutions.

Whether you're at project planning stage, want to bring React or React Native to your existing application or just need some extra help with your React codebase, we offer a range of services to suit:

  • Full Stack React Development

    Whether you're targeting web, mobile, VR, CLI or something else, our team of React.js experts can help you build it.

  • React Jump Start

    Adopting React for the first time? Our comprehensive service makes sure your team hits the ground running.

  • React Architecture Advice

    Struggling to choose between redux and mobx? Worried about SSR? Want to validate your approach? We can help.

  • Bespoke Component Development

    Need high quality UI components? We can build them. React's component model makes it uniquely suited for easy cross-team collaboration.

  • Code Audits

    Our in-depth code audits help you assess and improve quality, boost developer productivity and get the most out of your existing React codebase.

  • React SEO Guidance

    SEO is a vital factor for many businesses and it can be tricky to get right with React. We'll help you choose a scalable solution that fits with your technology stack.

  • React Performance Optimization

    App rerendering all the time? Performance issues dragging you down? We'll fix that with our targeted approach.

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Case Studies

Vimana: advanced realtime dashboards and reporting with React

Vimana is a leading Manufacturing Intelligence company providing key analyics and insights into the operation of tools and machinery in factories all over the world. Codemix partnered with Vimana to deliver a fully customisable realtime Dashboard and Reporting engine within their existing React codebase, helping their users gain unique and deep understanding of their manufactoring performance.

Triffiq: full stack React

Triffiq is a new and innovative competition based advertising platform which helps brands reach new and highly engaged audiences. We leveraged a node.js backend and React's Server Side Rendering (SSR) features to deliver a slick, SEO friendly user experience, optimized for social media traffic.

Bringing React powered data visualization to Anaplan

Anaplan is a major player in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space, providing a cloud based computation platform for advanced business planning and modeling. Working closely with their frontend developement team, we delivered a multi-dimensional charting solution powered by React, within their large existing Dojo codebase. This represented the first major step in their transition from the Dojo Framework to React.


codemix really shone through - our team learned so much. Your spirit and tenacity was ultimately critical to our successful deployment.

Brad Sands (COO, Amplifier)

You’d be hard pressed to find a development team which combines top notch programming skills with such genuine, heartfelt care and honesty. All the while somehow managing to completely leave out the ego, to me that’s the definition of true elite!

Samir Bekaert (Founder, MyHotelCard)

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Why codemix?

We're a small but fast growing team of expert software developers and designers who specialize in JavaScript.

As the leading JS consultancy in the North of England, we work with companies large and small to ship web and mobile applications, train development teams and conquer deep technical challenges.

We love open source and release us much of our work as possible under permissive licenses. We spend a lot of our time thinking about how to make JavaScript better and pushing the ecosystem forward.

Our core values are Speed, Integrity and Pragmatism. We take pride in delivering high quality but cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

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