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TS-SQL: A SQL database implemented in TypeScript type annotations

A SQL database implemented purely in TypeScript type annotations. Illustrates the power of TypeScript's type system

Stronger JavaScript with Opaque Types

How opaque types in Flow and TypeScript can make your code better, faster, more secure and easier to refactor.

An interview with Charles Pick

codemix founder Charles Pick talks with Juho from SurviveJS about the future of static types in TypeScript.

An Ode to Flow Runtime

Gajus Kuizinas explains why he uses flow-runtime in all his open source projects.

Introducing Flow Runtime

Patrick Stapfer does a great job explaining flow-runtime in this talk at React Vienna

Remote Work Works

Why working remotely makes us a happier, more productive, more successful team.

Why Babel Matters

Why Babel is different from other compile-to-JS systems like CoffeeScript and TypeScript, and how it's going to become the driving force for innovation in JavaScript.

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Our partners like working with us because we deliver results quickly, we focus on excellence and make their teams even more productive. We're fun and easy to work with but we bring a level of energy and focus that's truly infectious. codemix goes above and beyond to help make sure your project is a spectacular success. Here are some of the companies we work with:


codemix really shone through - our team learned so much. Your spirit and tenacity was ultimately critical to our successful deployment.

Brad Sands (COO, Amplifier)

You’d be hard pressed to find a development team which combines top notch programming skills with such genuine, heartfelt care and honesty. All the while somehow managing to completely leave out the ego, to me that’s the definition of true elite!

Samir Bekaert (Founder, MyHotelCard)

Why codemix?

We're a small but determined team of expert software developers and designers who specialize in TypeScript.

As the leading TS consultancy in the North of England, we work with companies large and small to ship web and mobile applications, train development teams and conquer deep technical challenges.

We love open source and release us much of our work as possible under permissive licenses. We spend a lot of our time thinking about how to make JavaScript and TypeScript better and pushing the ecosystem forward.

Our core values are Speed, Integrity and Pragmatism. We take pride in delivering high quality but cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

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