About Us

codemix are a team of expert-level developers who specialize in JavaScript. We’re based just outside York, UK, but we work with companies all over the world to help drive JS powered projects forward.



Our story began in 2010 with a simple thesis: Small, cohesive teams of experts are more effective at delivering software projects.

7 years and dozens of successful projects later, we stand by that idea. In 2013 we formalised as codemix ltd, and we’ve stayed true to our principles:

  1. Work with integrity.
  2. Deliver results quickly.
  3. Be pragmatic.

We love open source and release us much of our work as possible under permissive licenses. We spend a lot of our time thinking about how to make JavaScript better and pushing the ecosystem forward.

While we regularly take on full project development, more and more of our work is with companies with existing development teams. By embedding ourselves within larger organisations we can help our customers radically boost their development productivity. We tackle hard problems, ship features, fix bugs, improve codebases and help your team become even more effective.

Whether you’re an early stage start-up or a large established company, we’re confident that codemix can help you with your JavaScript projects.

Contact us to find out more.

What We Do

Expert-level JavaScript Consulting

We tackle hard problems with JS, no matter what your platform or tech stack, our experts can help.

Boost Your Development Team

Scale your development team on-demand. We work closely with our clients to deliver features, fix bugs, ship projects faster and radically boost team productivity.

React & React Native Development

A transformative technology for UI development, find out how codemix can help your company succeed with React.

Enterprise Scale Apps with Node.js

We deployed our first production node app way back in 2011, our team of experts help you build high performance, mission critical platforms with node.js.

Open Source Development

codemix are huge proponents of Open Source Software and contribute as much of our work under permissive licences as possible. Click here to see our latest projects.


codemix really shone through - our team learned so much. Your spirit and tenacity was ultimately critical to our successful deployment.

Brad Sands (COO, Amplifier)

You’d be hard pressed to find a development team which combines top notch programming skills with such genuine, heartfelt care and honesty. All the while somehow managing to completely leave out the ego, to me that’s the definition of true elite!

Samir Bekaert (Founder, MyHotelCard)