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We build reliable, high quality libraries and applications with Jest - the ultimate test framework for JavaScript

Better Testing with Jest

Jest is a fully featured testing platform for JavaScript. Originally written by Facebook to test all their JS code, Jest offers the fastest, most productive testing environment available.

At codemix we're pretty fanatical about writing high quality software, and unit and integration tests are a huge part of our job. Jest offers outstanding performance and developer ergonomics, making it an incredibly effective testing platform.

We can help you bring Jest to your codebase to increase software quality, squash bugs and become more productive.

  • Find & fix quality issues faster

    Delivering high quality, bug-free software is a huge challenge. Jest makes it easier, faster and cheaper to catch and fix QA issues, before they make it into production.

  • Boost your productivity

    Jest's snapshot testing features make writing and maintaining tests a breeze. It's so fast that large test suites often finish in less than a second, making a huge difference to team productivity.

  • Improve your test coverage

    Need to improve quality and increase your test coverage? We bring Jest to large, under-tested codebases to radically improve code quality and software reliability.

  • Migrate from Jasmine, Mocha etc

    Already have a large test suite? Our team can help you quickly and easily migrate to Jest.

Contact us now for a friendly, no-obligation chat about how we can help you bring Jest to your codebase.

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