Expert-level JavaScript Consulting

codemix helps companies succeed with JavaScript. Front-end, Server, IoT or Mobile, no matter what your platform, we can help you build highly engaging, performant, scalable user experiences with JS.

JavaScript Consulting

codemix is 100% committed to JavaScript as a technology and we're leaders in our field. We take pride in our ability to jump into large, complex JavaScript codebases and become productive quickly - we'll help your company get the most out of JS.

We're adaptable and would love to talk to you about your project in detail, here's a few of the things we do with JavaScript:

  • Technical Leadership

    We provide the guidance, architecture advice and technical leadership to help our partners deliver scalable, successful and reliable JavaScript projects.

  • Tech Stack Modernization

    Moving to a new tech stack? Need to modernize your existing codebase? Thinking about Flow or TypeScript? We provide guidance and hands on development to inject new life into your project and maximize ROI.

  • Front-end Development

    codemix can help your team build highly engaging, rich user interfaces with cutting edge technology, on the web or mobile.

  • Back-end Development

    Deploying a node.js project? Need architecture advice or just an extra few pairs of hands? We've scaled mission-critical node apps to millions of users and hundreds of services.

  • IoT + JS

    Shipping an Internet of Things project with JavaScript? IoT is exciting but hardware is hard, we'll help make it easier.

  • JavaScript Performance Consulting

    Performance matters more than ever. Whether your React application is sluggish or your backend servers are on fire, we know what it takes to make JavaScript applications fly.

Contact us to arrange a consultation and find out more about how codemix can help you drive your JS projects forward.

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Our Partners

Our partners like working with us because we deliver results quickly, we focus on excellence and make their teams even more productive. We're fun and easy to work with but we bring a level of energy and focus that's truly infectious. codemix goes above and beyond to help make sure your project is a spectacular success. Here are some of the companies we work with: