node.js - JavaScript on the server for super-fast yet simple web applications and mobile backends.

Since its inception in 2009, node.js has become the fastest growing web platform ever, with a truly rich and vibrant eco-system. it's easy to see why - node is not only extremely performant and productive, it's also written in the world's most popular programming language - JavaScript.

codemix are huge fans of node.js (and io.js), check out our open source node.js projects.

we deliver...

  • Highly scalable, fast web and general networking servers.
  • Real-time, data driven web and mobile backends.
  • REST APIs & client libraries.
  • node.js development leadership, planning, code review.

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our work

we offer a range of technical services to suit the individual needs of our clients. We're comfortable working independently or as part of a larger team to provide technical leadership and hands-on expertise to help drive projects forward.