These days, performance matters more than ever. Users expect applications to respond to their taps, swipes and other interactions immediately - delays makes people frustrated and unhappy. For any kind of application, speed is a crucial feature.

The enemy of a successful user experience is so called "jank". Jank is the half a second lag between clicking a button and seeing the app acknowledge it, jank is the fraction of a second pause when scrolling a long list of products, jank is waiting 5 seconds for the app to become responsive again when the user navigates to a new page. It's horrible and it makes applications a chore rather than a joy to use.

These tiny but frustrating delays can be caused by a few things. Sometimes the problem is simply waiting for data to download over a slow connection, but more often they're caused by inefficient JavaScript or DOM interactions. If you haven't designed your application specifically for fast performance, you might find it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.

Here at codemix, we're performance nerds on a mission to destroy jank. We'll profile your site or app, identify the speed bumps and deliver a cost-effective strategy for eliminating them.

On the server side, we're experts at scaling and optimizing node.js applications. If you're struggling to maintain productivity in the face of performance constraints, need help scaling your application to deal with hundreds of thousands of requests per second, or simply want to cut down on your growing AWS bill, we'd like to hear from you.

we offer

  • JavaScript performance consulting & training.
  • Client side DOM / JavaScript performance optimization.
  • Server-side node.js optimization and tuning.
  • Support and technical advice to scale node.js applications.

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we offer a range of technical services to suit the individual needs of our clients. We're comfortable working independently or as part of a larger team to provide technical leadership and hands-on expertise to help drive projects forward.