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A template for docker based Yii 2 applications


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Yii 2 Dockerized

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A template for Yii 2 applications based on the codemix/yii2-base docker image.

  • Ephemeral container, configured via environment variables
  • Testing container for easy testing
  • Optional local configuration overrides for development/debugging (git-ignored)
  • Base scaffold code for login, signup and forgot-password actions
  • Flat configuration file structure
  • Supports docker image based development workflow

The yii2-base image comes in three flavours:

  • Apache with PHP module (based on php:7.0.8-apache or php:5.6.18-apache)
  • PHP-FPM (based on php:7.0.8-fpm or php:5.6.18-fpm)
  • HHVM (based on estebanmatias92/hhvm:3.8.1-fastcgi)


You need to have docker (1.10.0+) and docker-compose (1.6.0+) installed.

composer create-project --no-install codemix/yii2-dockerized myproject
cd myproject
cp docker-compose-example.yml docker-compose.yml
cp .env-example .env
docker-compose up
# From another terminal window:
docker-compose run --rm web ./yii migrate

Note: If you don't have composer installed locally you can also use our docker image to run composer:

docker run --rm -v /srv/projects:/var/www/html codemix/yii2-base:2.0.10-apache composer create-project --no-install codemix/yii2-dockerized myproject

It may take some minutes to download the required docker images. When done, you can access the new app from http://localhost:8080.

If you see an error about write permissions to web/assets/ or runtime/ it's because the local file owner id is different from 1000 which is the www-data user in the container. To fix this, try:

docker-compose run --rm web chown www-data web/assets runtime

Please check the Wiki for full documentation.

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