php-shellcommand 48

A simple object oriented interface to execute shell commands in PHP


Written in PHP by 4 contributors


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php-shellcommand provides a simple object oriented interface to execute shell commands.


  • Catches stdOut, stdErr and exitCode
  • Handle argument escaping
  • Pass environment vars and other options to proc_open()


Basic Example

use mikehaertl\shellcommand\Command;

// Basic example
$command = new Command('/usr/local/bin/mycommand -a -b');
if ($command->execute()) {
    echo $command->getOutput();
} else {
    echo $command->getError();
    $exitCode = $command->getExitCode();

Advanced Features

// Create command with options array
$command = new Command(array(
    'command' => '/usr/local/bin/mycommand',

    // Will be passed as environment variables to the command
    'procEnv' => array(
        'DEMOVAR' => 'demovalue'

    // Will be passed as options to proc_open()
    'procOptions' => array(
        'bypass_shell' => true,

// Add arguments with correct escaping:
// results in --name='d'\''Artagnan'
$command->addArg('--name=', "d'Artagnan");

// Add argument with several values
// results in --keys key1 key2
$command->addArg('--keys', array('key1','key2'));



  • $escapeArgs: Whether to escape any argument passed through addArg(). Default is true.
  • $escapeCommand: Whether to escape the command passed to setCommand() or the constructor. This is only useful if $escapeArgs is false. Default is false.
  • $useExec: Whether to use exec() instead of proc_open(). This is a workaround for OS which have problems with proc_open(). Default is false.
  • $captureStdErr: Whether to capture stderr when useExec is set. This will try to redirect the otherwhise unavailable stderr to stdout, so that both have the same content on error. Default is true.
  • $procCwd: The initial working dir passed to proc_open(). Default is null for current PHP working dir.
  • $procEnv: An array with environment variables to pass to proc_open(). Default is null for none.
  • $procOptions: An array of other_options for proc_open(). Default is null for none.
  • $locale: The locale to (temporarily) set with setlocale() before running the command. This can be set to e.g. en_US.UTF-8 if you have issues with UTF-8 encoded arguments.

You can configure all these properties via an array that you pass in the constructor. You can also pass command, execCommand and args as options. This will call the respective setter (setCommand(), setExecCommand(), etc.).


  • __construct($options = null)
    • $options: either a command string or an options array (see setOptions())
  • setOptions($options): Set command options
    • $options: array of name => value options that should be applied to the object. You can also pass options that use a setter, e.g. you can pass a command option which will be passed to setCommand().
  • setCommand($command): Set command
    • $command: The command or full command string to execute, like gzip or gzip -d. You can still call addArg() to add more arguments to the command. If $escapeCommand was set to true, the command gets escaped through escapeshellcmd().
  • getCommand(): The command that was set through setCommand() or passed to the constructor.
  • getExecCommand(): The full command string to execute.
  • setArgs($args): Set argument as string
    • $args: The command arguments as string. Note, that these will not get escaped!
  • getArgs(): The command arguments that where set through setArgs() or addArg(), as string
  • addArg($key, $value=null, $escape=null): Add argument with correct escaping
    • $key: The argument key to add e.g. --feature or --name=. If the key does not end with and =, the $value will be separated by a space, if any. Keys are not escaped unless $value is null and $escape is true.
    • $value: The optional argument value which will get escaped if $escapeArgs is true. An array can be passed to add more than one value for a key, e.g. addArg('--exclude', array('val1','val2')) which will create the option "--exclude 'val1' 'val2'".
    • $escape: If set, this overrides the $escapeArgs setting and enforces escaping/no escaping
  • getOutput(): The command output as string. Empty if none.
  • getError(): The error message, either stderr or internal message. Empty if no error.
  • getStdErr(): The stderr output. Empty if none.
  • getExitCode(): The exit code.
  • getExecuted(): Whether the command was successfully executed.
  • execute(): Executes the command and returns true on success, false otherwhise.

Note: getError(), getStdErr() and getOutput() return the trimmed output. You can pass false to these methods if you need any possible line breaks at the end.

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