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Configurable standalone version of phpDocumentor for Vim


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PDV standalone

This is a standalone version of Tobias Schlitt's famous phpDocumentor for Vim plugin.

I was pretty happy with Tobias' original plugin (thanks Tobias!) but i had two issues with it:

  • You had to alter the code to configure the plugin
  • Tobias integrated the latest version into his new VIP (VIM integration for PHP) repository but i didn't need/want the rest in there

If you prefer Tobias' original repo, you find it at tobyS/vip.


You can just download the pdv-standalone.vim file and move it to your ~/.vim/plugin directory. But i'd rather recommend to use a plugin manager like gmarik/vundle.


It's recommended to map some keys to PDV. Personally i prefer <C-K>:

nnoremap <C-K> :call PhpDocSingle()<CR>
vnoremap <C-K> :call PhpDocRange()<CR>

As some tags are turned off by default, you should then add default values for them:

let g:pdv_cfg_Package = 'placeholder'
let g:pdv_cfg_Version = '1.0.0'
let g:pdv_cfg_Author = 'Your Name <your.name@example.com>'
let g:pdv_cfg_Copyright = 'Copyright 2011 by Your Name <your.name@example.com>'
let g:pdv_cfg_License = 'Provided under the GPL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html)'

Here's the full list of configuration options:

Class level tags:

  • g:pdv_cfg_Package: Value of @package tag. Defaults to "" which means off.
  • g:pdv_cfg_Version: Value of @version tag. Defaults to "" which means off.
  • g:pdv_cfg_Author: Value of @author tag. Defaults to "" which means off.
  • g:pdv_cfg_Copyright: Value of @copyright tag. Defaults to "" which means off.
  • g:pdv_cfg_License: Value of @license tag. Defaults to "" which means off.

Function tags:

  • g:pdv_cfg_ReturnVal: Value of @return tag. Defaults to "void". Use "" to create no return tag.


  • g:pdv_cfg_Type: Default type of attributes and parameters. Defaults to "mixed".
  • g:pdv_cfg_Uses: Wether to create @uses tags. Defaults to 0 (off).
  • g:pdv_cfg_paste: Wether to :set paste before documenting. Defaults to 1 (on).
  • g:pdv_cfg_php4always: Wether PHP4 tags should be set, like @access. Defaults to 0 (off).
  • g:pdv_cfg_php4guess: Wether to guess scopes from names ($_foo/_bar()). Defaults to 1 (on).
  • g:pdv_cfg_php4guessval: Default scope for matches of g:pdv_cfg_php4guess. Defaults to "protected".

Docblock formatting

  • g:pdv_cfg_CommentHead: Start of any comment block. Defaults to "/**"
  • g:pdv_cfg_Comment1: Comment prefix of 1st line after start. Defaults to " * "
  • g:pdv_cfg_Commentn: Comment prefix of remaining lines. Defaults to " * "
  • g:pdv_cfg_CommentTail: End of any comment block. Defaults to " */"
  • g:pdv_cfg_CommentSingle: Single line comment prefix. Defaults to "//"