handlebarsgen 2

An extendable static code generator for handlebars templates, targetting languages other than JavaScript, e.g. PHP


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Extensible ahead-of-time (AOT) template transpiler for Handlebars, targeting languages other than JavaScript, e.g. PHP.


npm install handlebars-gen -g


Can be used via the command line:

handlebars-gen --target php --output ./compiled ./src

use handlebars-gen --help for more information on individual commands.

Or as a library from within your node.js application:

var Gen = require("handlebars-gen");

var generator = new Gen.Generator({
  target: Gen.Targets['php']

fs.readFile("path/to/template", "utf8", function(err, data){
  if (err) throw err;
  var ast = generator.generate(data);
  console.log(ast.toString()); // the compiled output
  console.log(JSON.stringify(ast, null, 2)); // the node structure