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So far, we've published 105 open source projects in 11 languages.  In the process, we've gained 3894 contributions from 131 awesome contributors!

Our Projects - 'd by 6833 developers!

fast.jsJavaScript 2930

Faster user-land reimplementations for several common builtin native JavaScript functions.

babel-plugin-typecheckJavaScript 823

Static and runtime type checking for JavaScript in the form of a Babel plugin.

phpwkhtmltopdfPHP 716

A slim PHP wrapper around wkhtmltopdf with an easy to use and clean OOP interface

babel-plugin-closure-eliminationJavaScript 223

A Babel plugin which eliminates closures from your JavaScript wherever possible.

php-pdftkPHP 213

A PDF conversion and form utility based on pdftk

orientoJavaScript 212

Former official node.js driver for OrientDB. Fast, lightweight, uses the binary protocol. Now deprecated.

yii2-localeurlsPHP 189

Automatic locale/language management for URLs

babel-plugin-macrosJavaScript 184

Hygienic, non-syntactic macros for JavaScript via a Babel plugin.

htmlingJavaScript 167

Polymer / HTML5 templating syntax for node.js

YiiRedisPHP 131

A set of wrappers for different data types in redis

babel-plugin-contractsJavaScript 128

Design by Contract for JavaScript via a Babel plugin.

yiipasswordPHP 81

Password strategies for Yii

YiiBlocksJavaScript 70

A set of building blocks that provide common functions for Yii web applications

yii2-dockerizedPHP 64

A template for docker based Yii 2 applications

contractualJavaScript 52

Unobtrusive, backwards compatible, syntactic sugar for Design by contract in JavaScript.

YiiSolrPHP 50

A wrapper for the pecl solr library that provides common Yii constructs, such as models, data providers etc

php-shellcommandPHP 48

A simple object oriented interface to execute shell commands in PHP

Yii-Docs-GeneratorPHP 47

Generates HTML documentation for Yii applications

YiiGitPHP 36

A git wrapper for Yii, allows access to all git commands programatically

gitignore-parserJavaScript 34

A simple .gitignore parser for node.js

YiiElasticSearchPHP 32

Elastic Search client for Yii

YiiCurlPHP 30

A curl library for Yii

YiiStateMachinePHP 28

A state machine behavior for Yii

yii2-dockerbaseNginx 20

Yii 2 base image for dockerized yii2 projects

yii2-streamlogPHP 19

A Yii 2 log target for streams in URL format

oauth2yiiPHP 18

An OAuth2 client / server extension for the Yii framework

packagecompressorPHP 16

A Javascript/CSS compressor based on Yii's package system

restyiiPHP 16

A RESTful extension for Yii.

modelingJavaScript 14

Fast and flexible data models for node.js and the browser.

binary-protocolJavaScript 13

Easy, fast, writers and readers for implementing custom binary protocols in node.js.

php-excel-readerPHP 12

It reads the binary format of XLS files directly and can return values and formats from any cell. This project is the fork of http://code.google.com/p/php-excel-reader/ that, apparently, is no longer maintained.

localeurlsPHP 12

Automatic locale/language management for URLs

pdv-standaloneVimL 12

Configurable standalone version of phpDocumentor for Vim

YiiJSJavaScript 11

A port of the Yii PHP framework to JavaScript

pdfablePHP 10

A Yii extension to create PDFs with PHPWkHtmlToPdf/wkhtmltopdf

url-routeJavaScript 10

Web component providing URL routing

validatingJavaScript 10

Quick and easy validators for node.js and the browser.

yii-api-vimPHP 8

Yii API manual plugin for VIM

htmling-demo-appCSS 7

HTMLing demo running on express

xcrudcontrollerPHP 7

A base class to quickly build customized CRUD interfaces.

yii2-excel-messagePHP 7

Translate messages via Excel files

yii2-bs3activeformPHP 7

A Bootstrap 3 enhanced ActiveForm for Yii 2

mallocJavaScript 6

Simple malloc() & free() implementation for node.js, built on top of array buffers.

babel-plugin-traceJavaScript 6

This is a Babel plugin which adds a straightforward, declarative syntax for adding debug logging to JavaScript applications.

orientdb-protobufsJava 6

An experiment to see how the orientdb binary protocol could look if it used protocol buffers.

Yii-Package-ManagerPHP 6

A package manager for Yii

geonames-importerJavaScript 6

Imports geonames data into elasticsearch

handlebarsphpPHP 6

Transpiles handlebars templates into native PHP templates

php-tmpfilePHP 6

A convenience class for temporary files

classingJavaScript 5

Fluent classes for node.js and the browser.

castingJavaScript 5

Tiny type casting library for node.js and the browser.

php-orientdbPHP 5

A fast PHP driver for the OrientDB binary protocol.

dispatchingJavaScript 5

Tiny routing / dispatch library for node and the browser.

yii2-apidoc-vimPHP 5

Yii2 apidoc as Vim helpfiles

atomicbuffersJavaScript 5

Atomic `readInt32()`, `writeInt32()`, `readUInt32()` and `writeUInt32()` for node.js buffers.

translatablePHP 4

Transparent attribute translation for ActiveRecords

YiiUsersPHP 4

User management for Yii

mimingJavaScript 3

Processing and formatting for various mime types.

Yii-Resource-ManagerPHP 3

Helpers to allow Yii to interact with resources (files) of different types

flushablePHP 3

Yii dependency that allows to flush records from the cache

openshift-diy-ruby193Shell 3

install ruby 1.9.3 on a diy openshift cartridge

KindleCGRuby 3

a kindle collections generator

i18n-mongodbRuby 2

A Rails I18n Backend using MongoDB

bs3activeformPHP 2

A lightweight utility to render Bootstrap 3 forms in Yii

AccessRestrictablePHP 2

A Yii ActiveRecordBehavior that automatically applies conditions for access restriction to every query.

handlebarsgenCoffeeScript 2

An extendable static code generator for handlebars templates, targetting languages other than JavaScript, e.g. PHP

YiiEmailerPHP 2

Emailing functions for Yii

oriento-query-builderJavaScript 1

A standalone query builder for OrientDB, designed for node.js/io.js and the browser.

hybridauthmanagerPHP 1

An AuthManager for Yii that stores the hierarchy in a flat PHP file and the assignments in DB

benchaCoffeeScript 1

Mocha-esque UI for the excellent benchmarkjs benchmarking library

obligationsJavaScript 1

Tiny JavaScript library for preconditions and postconditions, intended for use with Contractual.

bootstrap-tooltipJavaScript 1

Twitter Bootstrap Tooltip plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower

bootstrap-cssCSS 1

Twitter Bootstrap CSS / LESS packaged for component.js instead of bower

defaultpersisterPHP 1

Yii extension to save and restore model values in user session.

YiiYaaPHP 1

YAA is an additional abstraction layer for Yii that aggregates a number of child models into a clean single model that is easy to cache

YiiLinkablePHP 1

A simple extension for Yii allowing easy and consistent access to model URLs and appropriate anchor text.

urlrouterCoffeeScript 1

Tiny URL routing for the browser

bootstrap-transitionJavaScript 1

Twitter Bootstrap Transition plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


Twitter Bootstrap Tab plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


JQuery plugin for covering/uncovering DOM elements


WebRTC sample code. For testing purposes only.


Work with PHP files in Active Record way


Yii extension to create URLs that allow to return to a page by storing its GET Parameters on a stack.


Twitter Bootstrap packaged for component.js instead of bower


An alternative Yii2 application template for purists


Twitter Bootstrap Typeahead plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


The pdftk 2.02 binary for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS amd64


Twitter Bootstrap Collapse plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


Simple directives for jQuery


A basic Flex App setup for video broadcasting


Twitter Bootstrap Affix plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


A proposal for adding pub/sub to orientdb


Twitter Bootstrap Alert plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


A Sample CRUD application structured by Backbone js and backed by a node restfull api.


Twitter Bootstrap Button plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


rebuilding rails from the groud up


Twitter Bootstrap Carousel plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


Prove that node is as fast as I claim


simple useless twitter client


Twitter Bootstrap Dropdown plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


Twitter Bootstrap Modal plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


Twitter Bootstrap Popover plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower


Twitter Bootstrap Scrollspy plugin packaged for component.js instead of bower




A popular romanian card game