Michael Härtl mikehaertl

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Michael Härtl has made 702 contributions to 31 codemix open source projects

phpwkhtmltopdfPHP 716

A slim PHP wrapper around wkhtmltopdf with an easy to use and clean OOP interface

116 Contributions.

yii2-localeurlsPHP 189

Automatic locale/language management for URLs

95 Contributions.

yii2-dockerizedPHP 64

A template for docker based Yii 2 applications

54 Contributions.

php-pdftkPHP 213

A PDF conversion and form utility based on pdftk

53 Contributions.

oauth2yiiPHP 18

An OAuth2 client / server extension for the Yii framework

48 Contributions.

yii2-dockerbaseNginx 20

Yii 2 base image for dockerized yii2 projects

42 Contributions.

php-shellcommandPHP 48

A simple object oriented interface to execute shell commands in PHP

41 Contributions.

YiiElasticSearchPHP 32

Elastic Search client for Yii

40 Contributions.

restyiiPHP 16

A RESTful extension for Yii.

28 Contributions.


An alternative Yii2 application template for purists

27 Contributions.

yii2-apidoc-vimPHP 5

Yii2 apidoc as Vim helpfiles

24 Contributions.

yii2-excel-messagePHP 7

Translate messages via Excel files

15 Contributions.

localeurlsPHP 12

Automatic locale/language management for URLs

14 Contributions.

AccessRestrictablePHP 2

A Yii ActiveRecordBehavior that automatically applies conditions for access restriction to every query.

13 Contributions.

yii-api-vimPHP 8

Yii API manual plugin for VIM

13 Contributions.

packagecompressorPHP 16

A Javascript/CSS compressor based on Yii's package system

12 Contributions.

php-tmpfilePHP 6

A convenience class for temporary files

9 Contributions.

hybridauthmanagerPHP 1

An AuthManager for Yii that stores the hierarchy in a flat PHP file and the assignments in DB

9 Contributions.

translatablePHP 4

Transparent attribute translation for ActiveRecords

8 Contributions.

pdfablePHP 10

A Yii extension to create PDFs with PHPWkHtmlToPdf/wkhtmltopdf

7 Contributions.

pdv-standaloneVimL 12

Configurable standalone version of phpDocumentor for Vim

7 Contributions.

yii2-bs3activeformPHP 7

A Bootstrap 3 enhanced ActiveForm for Yii 2

4 Contributions.

xcrudcontrollerPHP 7

A base class to quickly build customized CRUD interfaces.

4 Contributions.


Yii extension to create URLs that allow to return to a page by storing its GET Parameters on a stack.

3 Contributions.

flushablePHP 3

Yii dependency that allows to flush records from the cache

3 Contributions.


The pdftk 2.02 binary for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS amd64

3 Contributions.

bs3activeformPHP 2

A lightweight utility to render Bootstrap 3 forms in Yii

3 Contributions.

yii2-streamlogPHP 19

A Yii 2 log target for streams in URL format

3 Contributions.

YiiSolrPHP 50

A wrapper for the pecl solr library that provides common Yii constructs, such as models, data providers etc

2 Contributions.

defaultpersisterPHP 1

Yii extension to save and restore model values in user session.

1 Contribution.

orientoJavaScript 212

Former official node.js driver for OrientDB. Fast, lightweight, uses the binary protocol. Now deprecated.

1 Contribution.

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